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Why are the Surviveware Wet Wipes the REAL Solution to your camping and hiking hygiene needs?

Surviveware was founded by backpackers, and we use our products every day. By creating excellent products, we are merely scratching our own itch.
Whether at home or on extended hiking trips, we test our products to make sure they are the best.

PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN! Unlike other wipes that dry out your skin, our wipes are Hypoallergenic, pH-Balanced, Alcohol-Free with Natural Aloe and Vitamin E. This means your skin will stay healthy and nourished for longer.

ALL SKIN TYPES WELCOME! Our unique recipe is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong enough for the mud-caked mountain biker!
This means you can use our wipes on yourself and the kids without worrying about skin irritation. The last thing you want is to break out with a rash while enjoying the outdoors. We have hundreds of reviews from happy customers, here are just a few:

“Big enough that one or two is all you need for the job, and didn’t bother my sensitive skin.”

“I have sensitive skin and these don’t irritate skin or leave any obnoxious scents behind.”

“I am very sensitive to fragrances but these wipes are great!”

Our wipes are ideal for posterior pampering. We have the evidence and feedback to stick to our promises. Our wipes are safe for all skin types. Stay clean and refreshed wherever you are, even when there’s no water around.

Total Number of Wipes



Wipes Per Bag



Weight Per Bag

1.05 lbs

0.5 lbs

Dimensions Per Bag

8″ x 5″ x 1″

5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″


Large Size

Sensitive Skin


No Scent

Surviveware Wet Wipes for the Whole Family

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes

A treat for the whole family – safe to use on young and old.

Surviveware Biodegradable Sanitary Wipes

Never go potty in the bush without our Wet Wipes by your side…

Nature’s call will not wait while you are enjoying your favorite hike. Can you make it all the way back to camp? Only time will tell. But don’t worry, when you are prepared for these sorts of situations, you have peace of mind and can roll with the punches.

Our wipes biodegrade naturally, so you can dig a hole and get down to business. Afterwards, bury the wipes without worrying about causing Mother Nature any harm. Most baby wipes out there take more than 100 years to fully decompose, while ours do so in six to twelve months. That’s a massive difference.

Surviveware Large Wipes and Durable

Durable, Large, and In Charge

Please don’t take our word for it! Just read our reviews and see for yourself why our wipes are rated as a favorite for campers and hikers.

DURABLE! “Larger than baby wipes, these cloths are lightweight but durable, easy to use and leave you feeling refreshed.”

LARGE! “They’re large, heavy duty, and they maintain the same moisture even after the pack has been opened, which I found impressive.”

Happy Surviveware Customers

Surviveware Wet Wipes Perfect for hiking and climbing

Surviveware Large Wet Wipes for Camping and Fishing

Surviveware Wet Wipes for Dogs

After Surgery No Rinse Wipes

Climbing Kilimanjaro? We’ve got you covered.

Why do so many of our customers climb Kilimanjaro? We are still a little confused but there is nothing better than reading an amazing review from a fellow adventurer. This one is one of our favorites:

“Just got back from an 8 day hiking adventure to Kilimanjaro. These wipes rocked and were just what I needed – large, heavy duty enough to wipe the day’s dirt and grime off – and no scent meant I wasn’t attracting any bugs or other unwanted friends. Perfect, just perfect. Because of you, I survived 8 days with no shower and was not killed by my tent mate. And I hit the summit, so there’s that!”

Going Fishing? Don’t forget your Wet Wipes!

Nothing beats a day out fishing. Hands dirty from bait? No problem, that’s why we go fishing in the first place. It’s all about getting away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying the freedom that only nature can give you. However, when you drive back home it would be nice to keep the steering wheel clean, wouldn’t it?

That’s where the Surviveware Large Wet Wipes come in. Our wipes are packed with oodles of moisture so you can clean off most grime and dirt from your hands with a single wipe.

Give your Pup the Full Treatment…

Have you ever taken your dog for a hike on the trails? They love messing around in the mud and everything sticks to their fur. Let’s face it, we love our dogs to the moon and back. They make our lives better and without them life would be rather dull. That said, they tend get into all sorts of mischief, especially when out for a walk, and that’s when things get dirty.

Make things easy for yourself and pack your biodegradable wet wipes. Your dog will love the attention, and so will your carpet when you get back home.

Great for After Surgery and No Rinse Bathing.

We’ve all been there… There are very few things as uncomfortable as the first few days post-surgery.

This from one of our reviews:

“I recently had moderate hip surgery including a transplant and was left with many restrictions while my joint heals. I am several days post-op now and am allowed to shower, my restrictions limit me to the point that I need someone to assist me.”

When you invest in a few bags of wet wipes you can ensure you don’t have to rely too heavily on help after your surgery and stay clean and refreshed in the process.

UNSCENTED. Because our wet wipes are Unscented, you’ll be able clean yourself from head to toe without smelling like a daffodil. The goal is removing grime and odors, not drowning in cheap perfume.
PERFECT FOR POSTERIOR PAMPERING! Let’s be honest, while out in the woods you will need to do a number two. These wipes are perfectly moistened to ensure your comfort. Now, you can do your “business” and clean up in style. Keep the monkey butt at bay!
NOT BABY WIPES! The problem with most baby wipes is they shouldn’t be left behind after use. Our wipes solve this problem. Why? Because our camping wipes biodegrade naturally and start to decompose after 28 days and can take up to 6 months fully degrade, which is far shorter than 100 years for baby wipes as they contain almost indestructible plastics. Leave no trace behind and always take your trash with you, but if you can’t, bury them with peace of mind.
EFFECTIVE! Unlike normal baby wipes, Surviveware’s wipes are large and rugged. Each wipes is 8″ x 12″, meaning you can you a single cloth to clean your entire body when there are no showers in sigh.
MULTIPLE USES! When on the road, having multi-functional equipment is key. You can use our wipes to clean the kids’ hands, faces and even cooking equipment.

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