OYOOQO Portable Pressure Shower, Outdoor Camping Shower, Outdoor Shower for Camping Hiking, Portable Rinse Surfing Shower, Car Washing, Pets Cleaning, Can Add Heated Water for Shower in Winter

Price: $256.00 - $168.00
(as of Oct 28,2019 02:41:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description


OYOOQO portable outdoor camping shower is beloved by campers and car travelers. It brings you a ideal cleaning solution that keep you and your gear clean during the journey. It has a powerful pressure system to provide a strong water pressure, but does not require tank hanging. Whether camping in the desert dust, surfing sandy beaches, or hiking deep in the back country, you don’t have to forego the soothing shower you deserve.


There is no need to connect any power supply when working, because it has built-in lithium batteries to power the equipment! It can work up to an hour on a full charge. Convenient charging, It is suitable for 110-240V household power supply and 12V car charging.

A 5-gallon bucket is the ideal size for one-handed carrying. We also provide you with two portable 2.5 gallon water bags, which you can use to store clean water from home. When you want to take a bath with OYOOQO shower, you can use water bag to fill the bucket. During the bathing you can also add water at will, warm or cold water as you need. Give you a home-like outdoor bathing experience!


In addition, in order to improve your outdoor travel experience, we also provide a high-pressure car wash water gun, 90W power plus professional car wash water gun is enough to provide perfect cleaning care for your car at any time.


OYOOQO shower also provides garden sprinkler, it has 10 ways of sprinkling, you can choose to water the garden according to need.


With OYOOQO shower, you can consider taking your dog to go hiking and camping on the beach, right? How much it likes sea water, how seductive the soft beach is to it, don’t worry about the damage to his skin caused by sea water and sand, let the dog enjoy camping with you.







It will come with following:

1. 5 gallon water tank with wet and dry separation layer.

2. 100V-240V household charger and 12V car charger.

3. One garden sprinkler.

4. One high-pressure automobile water gun.

5. One pressure shower head.

6.Two 2.5 gallon outdoor portable water storage bags.

7. 3 meters long hose.

8. One manual.

Two 2.5 gallon portable water storage bags, durable and easy carry, it is good for store clean water taken from home, when you use OYOOQO to bathe you only need to fill the shower bucket with this water bag and add more water at any time when you take a bath.

OYOOQO is equipped with pressurized type shower head, there is a waterflow control button near the showerhead. It is easy to use and saves water.

OYOOQO Multipurpose camping shower–Five gallon tank provides up to 1 hour continuous of water spray for camping shower, pet washing, garden watering, it is also a great portable cleaning device for cleaning your Car, Floors, courtyard & More on a Full Charge!
Perfect water pressure and steady effluent- Built-in lithium batteries provide powerful pressurized system (90w), delivers stable ample water pressure, giving you a homelike perfect camping shower experience. In addition, the effluent pressure is not affected by the water level in the barrel and the midway water supplement. Water usage of 5 gallon buckets can be as high as 99%.
Portable shower and outdoor simple rinse system-5-gallon water tank is the ideal size to carry with one hand, take it to the camping trips, fishing, beach is a good choice. Easy charging, no power supply is needed after charging just fill with water and you’re ready to shower in no time. It can be used anywhere and at any time for cleaning. Lithium batteries are charged via household power outlets or car charging port(Car Lighter)for charging.
OYOOQO outdoor cleaning devices provide professional and durable configuration, including German imported pumps (motors), durable lithium batteries, water tank, sprinklers, shower head, water guns and more. Accordingly, all fast interfaces adopted are copper to extend the service life of the product as far as possible and improve the user’s experience effect.
Special garden irrigation sprinkler has 10 ways of water outlet to meet the watering plants needs; with 3 M long (118 inches) soft water pipes more convenient to use; free gift of two 2.5-gallon water bags for water storage and convenient water refilling into buckets; free gift of a high-pressure car washing spray gun to facilitate outdoor car washing; a pressurized type shower head is also gift which is characterized by a “one- button water stop” on/off, easy to use, water saving.

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