Eco Gel Port-A-Potty and Emergency Toilet Chemicals, Eco-Friendly Liquid Waste Gelling and Deodorizing Powder. Available in Single, 2, 3, 4, 30, and Case Packs

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Product Description

Nature calls whether you are ready for it or not. Whether it’s a disaster like earthquakes and hurricanes, a school lockdown, a family road trip, outdoor outing, or a backed up sewage line there will be times when you will have to take care of business and flushing the toilet or digging a hole may not be feasible options. Eco Gel – Port-a-Potty Chemicals provides an easy, mess free way to deal with these less-than-pleasant moments.

​​One pouch Eco Gel includes 10 stick packs.

Eco Gel


Eco Gel can be used anywhere, with nearly any portable toilet facility to treat waste without harsh or harmful chemicals.


Portable and lightweight, Eco Gel Port-a-Potty Chemicals are packaged in individual stick packs. Each stick will treat up to 1 gallon each*, making it far more convenient to store and carry exactly how much you need rather than packing messy buckets of powder or heavy liquid treatments.

*Volume depends on desired consistency, add more Eco Gel as needed for a completely solid gel.

Watch the Magic Happen

Sprinkle some Eco Gel into the portable emergency toilet before each use and let the magic happen. The powder will absorb the moisture and solidify the waste to make for an easy, mess-free disposal while leaving a fresh lemongrass scent.

Universal Uses


Whether by natural or man made disasters, offices can be forced into lockdown mode. For safety reasons, employees may need to remain in the office cut off from the bathroom.


During an emergency situation, lockdown, or disaster classrooms full of children may be unable to access bathrooms for extended periods of time.


Sewage lines back up, plumbing gets clogged or leaks, for one reason or other at home bathrooms become unavailable for use.

Disaster Relief

Whether a school, stadium, or relief tent, emergency shelters are typically not equipped with facilities to offer sanitary and hygienic waste disposal for large numbers of people. This is especially the case if plumbing is nonfunctional.


Large groups of passengers and crew would find themselves with few options for sanitary waste disposal if onboard plumbing became nonfunctional out at sea and depending on location this could be for days at a time.


Hotels have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests and staff, which includes having a plan and the resources to provide for their basic needs, such as sanitary toilet facilities, in the event of an emergency.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes have many residents living in close quarters and must plan appropriately for emergencies where toilets become unavailable to prevent the spread of illness and harmful bacteria.


Hygiene and sanitation is obviously a significant priority in any medical facility. Hospitals particularly, as they can have hundreds of immunocompromised patients and staff in the building at any given time, for whom preventing the spread of illness is even more crucial.



Line toilet* with a plastic liner. Shake each stick pack of Eco Gel before use to evenly distribute the gelling agent amongst the other ingredients.

*Bucket, liner, and toilet seat sold separately.


Before using the toilet, sprinkle in some Eco Gel. Our recommendation is to add a bit of product before each use rather than adding an entire stick pack at once.


After use, let Eco Gel sit for a few minutes to solidify waste. If possible, introducing some agitation/movement (we do this by lightly shaking the portable toilet) to the liquid while it absorbs will help it to set more solid, as the more contact you can allow between the liquid and powder the better the reaction.


Remove the liner and dispose of waste, preferably in a biohazard bag.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes
Do not ingest
Eye contact: Flush with water for at least 15 minutes
Skin contact: Wash with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing
Ingestion: Contact poison control

Gels and solidifies liquid waste and deodorizes portable toilets
Pleasant lemongrass scent to help with odor
No harsh chemicals- safer for you AND the environment
1 Pack contains 10 conveniently packaged sticks, which treat from 1/2-1 GALLON* of liquid waste per stick. *Volume depends on desired consistency, add more as needed for completely solid gel.
Perfect for camping, hiking, emergency situations or anywhere away from modern conveniences

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