10 Reasons To Take Your Date Camping!

1. It’s Not The Cliche Date

Taking someone camping as a date is original, and takes preparation that your date is sure to notice! Everyone loves that “wild man/woman” who can build a fire, catch fish, or set up a tent! Your date will be impressed that you actually took the time and effort to make the night special and personal.

2. Cheap In A Good Way

Being cheap on a date usually isn’t a good thing, unless you can justify it. A picnic style dinner can be romantic if you prepare accordingly. Throw down a blanket, break out that dusty bottle of wine around the camp fire and surprise him/her with their favorite dish. You can always have the 5 star restaurant you always go to, prepare a meal to go, and bring it to camp!

3. Romantic Sunrise And Sunset

Nothing is more romantic and breathtaking then watching the sky change multiple different colors while sipping coffee or wine, and enjoying a sweet treat. Remember that chocolate, wine, and honey are a few aphrodisiacs you can snack on prior to dinner.

4. Cold Weather Equals Cuddling

Staying warm while camping is sure to be priority number one. Since the best way to keep someone warm is to use your own body heat, cuddling and snuggling are a must. Snuggle up with hot cocoa by the fire and cuddle up under a blanket for the perfect end to the night.

5. The Night Sky

While you lay there snuggling, enjoy shooting stars and take the time to find different constellations in the night sky that you can’t see in the city! And if rain clouds move in, that just mean more “tent time.”

6. Cabin Fever

This time of year I’m either skiing or thinking about what mountain peak I’m going to conquer in the summer, and a little cabin fever sets in. If you have cabin fever, don’t wait until summer to pull out all the new gear you got for Christmas. Get out and brave the cold together! Test and familiarize yourselves with the gear in preparation for more adventures.

7. Anniversary/Date Gear Gift

Don’t just buy a box of chocolates and a cute teddy bear that will end up in a box in the attic. Give a gift that your date will continue to use, hopefully on more adventure dates with you. Also, each time they use the gear, they will think of that date with you.

8. Privacy

By getting outdoors on a day when most people stay inside, you will have the outdoors all to yourself. Don’t worry about waiting in line for a show, or having to fight for reservations! There are no reservations needed for the outdoors, and you always get the best seat in the house.

9. Get Lucky

After all this hard work, and such a romantic evening, of course everyone hopes to get lucky. Out in the wild, under the stars,with the birds and the bees, it will definitely be a memorable night. If you still can’t get lucky after the previous steps, then I don’t know what to tell you… maybe you will be rich one day?

10. Find Out If They Are “The One”

Maybe you thought this significant other was the perfect match and your soul mate! Well now you’ll know for sure if he or she is the only one that can hang with you in the outdoors forever! Maybe it went the other way and they complained the whole time and hated the experience, but at least now you’ll know before you popped the big question and had to retire your camping gear all together.

Source by Alex A

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